April Meeting-Snakes of Georgia Encounter April 1, 2008

Hope you can join us for the next monthly meeting for the Snakes of Georgia Encounter. This going to be a fun-filled, interaction workshop where we will learn all about common snakes that you're likely to run across in your favorite SE runs, as well as how to quickly and easily identify venomous vs non-venomous snakes, how to avoid snakes all together, and proper first aid for treating snake bites. Snakes are something we all will deal with at one point or another, and on rivers they are all around us even if you cannot see them. Even if you are terrified of snakes (ESPECIALLY if you are terrified of snakes) you chould come out and debunk the myths and learn what to do or not do. 

It'll be fun--you won't want to miss it!

No charge for attendance, however we will be asking for donations to defray the cost of providing members and guests with this very popular workshop. Please leave dogs at home for this one, or tied up outside--no dogs inside the buidling for obvious safety reasons.

We are meeting at the Garden Hills Community Center (general info/directions)

Happy (half-) hour 7-7:30

Meeting and program 7:30-9:00

Please see flyer below for more info on the Snakes of Georgia Encounter or visit http://www.snakesrus.com/.


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