Minutes from the AWC March Meeting

  Lots of AWC veterans? came for the ?Homecoming?. Some of the attendees
were Steve Thomas (one of the original members of the AWC, 1975), Nancy
and Mike, David and Beth Wilson, Marshall Wilson, Mike Wilson, and many
more!!! I counted over 20 returning members, and it was great to see them

Did you know that over the history of the AWC (started in 1975), that there
have been only 3 people given lifetime memberships? And all three were
present last night at the meeting! Beth Wilson, Steve Thomas and Bruce

Nancy was crowned our Homecoming Queen, and Steve our King :)

Sutton (a Dir of AW) gave us a heads up on Tallulah ? AWC was one of the
first three clubs involved in getting the Tallulah running, and AW is looking
to try something different ? getting the clubs to ?adopt? a weekend of releases.
Apr 5-6 is AWC?s weekend, so please sign up with Todd. If nothing else,
it?s a great chance to meet other boaters, and see some of the river up
close! Apr 5-6 is also the Community Festival. Anyone interested, please
email Todd at todd@shollenberger.com

Don Kinser (a Dir of AW) provided more information on the Chattoooga headwaters.
Headwater access is on the table with the Forest Service right now. The
EIS is due out any day now, and there will be a 90 day comment period.
Need boater involvement! These runs are Class 4-5. A meeting will be held
Apr 8, 3:30 ? 8:00 in Clemson SC. AW is looking for boaters to come, get
involved, and let them know you want access!

Some notes on the Upper Ocoee: AW has gotten 20 days of releases for 2003.
Right now there are two proposals on the table ? one for 54 days and one
for 74 days. So 2004 might have even more releases!

A sidenote here: AW has put alot of effort in opening river access, and
keeping river access for us boaters. If you are not a member of AW, PLEASE

Polk County Amusement Tax ? charged to private boaters, $2/user/day. This
doesn?t look like it will happen at this point.

Tellico Clean-up Sat Mar 8. Meet at 9 am at the Tellico Ranger Station
or McD at Windy Hill at 6 am. Come show your support! (oh and James bet
the TVCC that he could get more people ? we wouldn?t want him to lose his
bet! )

Volunteers are desperately needed for the Southeasterns. Each year GCA
runs this, and the volunteer pool has gotten smaller and smaller. As you
know, GCA does things in conjunction with AWC (i.e. roll practice), so show
your support. This is a big event for the southeast with great exposure.
They need 35-40 volunteers ? safety boaters, judges, etc.

The new Outside World in Cumming is having a Paddle Expo Mar 14-16. Reps
will be on hand to answer questions.

Spastic Plastic ? Still looking for sponsors?..if you know of anyone, please
let Mike Farrell know!