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Kayak Instructor Certification Workshop

The following is a reprint of a submission to the AWC website from Bruce Williams:


I will be conducting an American Canoe Association kayak instructor certification workshop over two weekends this spring: April 6-8 and May 4-6 (7pm Friday to 5pm Sunday). The assistant instructor trainer will be Brent Coleman. We will certify at the moving water and whitewater levels.

The first weekend will be based in Atlanta. The second weekend will be in north Georgia, eastern Tennessee or western North Carolina-- wherever we can find good class III water. The cost is $400.

AWC members who are interested can contact me by phone (404-231-0042) or e-mail or they can find the announcement on the White Water Learning Center of Georgia website

Bruce Williams

ACA Instructor Trainer

ACA River Kayak Instructor Certification Workshop--

Moving Water and Whitewater

April 6-8 & May 4-6, 2001

Location: Atlanta, Ga. and Southeastern Rivers (to be determined)

Instructor Trainers: Bruce Williams & Brent Coleman


White Water Learning Center of Georgia is offering a River Kayak Instructor Certification Worship over two weekends this spring. On the first weekend we will develop and train candidate skills and knowledge in three areas: general paddlesports, paddling and teaching. Candidates will have four weeks to study and practice in these areas. On the second weekend, we will test proficiency, evaluate, and award ACA Certification to qualified Instructor Candidates at the moving water or whitewater level. Whitewater certification requires that instructors have solid class III river running skills. Candidates with deficiencies in any area may be placed in continued status. Please refer to the ACA Canoeing and Kayaking Instruction Manual or call Bruce Williams at 404-231-0042 if you need more information about the course curriculum or certification requirements.

The first weekend will be based in Atlanta. The base of operations for the second weekend will be in north Georgia, western North Carolina or eastern Tennessee, depending on water availability. The workshops will begin at 7 pm Friday and end at 6 pm Sunday both weekends. Participants are expected to be present for the entire period, including Saturday evenings, and should arrange their work schedules and other commitments to enable this.

The American Canoe Association requires a minimum of five participants for certification workshops to run. The maximum number of participants is ten. Registrations will be accepted in the order in which deposits are received, subject to a review of qualifications.

The cost of instruction is $400. A $100 deposit is required to secure a place in the workshop. Checks should be made payable to White Water Learning Center of Georgia (WWLC) and mailed to 3437 Rockhaven Cir NE, Atlanta, Ga. 30324. Credit card payments by phone are also accepted. When the minimum number of participants is reached, you will be notified. Final payments or requests for refund of deposits must be received by March 5, 2001. Late registration requires full payment. The price includes the ACA Canoeing and Kayaking Instruction Manual. If you purchase a copy before the workshop, we will refund the $16.00 price of the book. It is available at most outdoor stores and from the ACA (703-451-0141). If you join the ACA as a new member by logging on to the ACA website (, you will get a free copy.

Other Costs:

ACA membership ($25). Registrants who are not ACA members at the time of the workshop will be required to complete a membership application and write a check for dues in order to participate. Current ACA members should bring their membership card to the initial session.

Safety, Instruction and Education Council (SEIC) membership ($15). Successful candidates must become SEIC members to be certified.

Certification Processing Fee ($10). SEIC membership and certification processing fees are payable to the ACA by successful candidates and will be collected by the Instructor Trainer at the end of the workshop. To minimize payment record problems and delays in processing everyone's certification, please be prepared to pay by check on May 6.

Lodging and meals are not included. However, we will try to arrange sleeping accommodations on the first weekend for out- of-towners at the homes of workshop participants from the Atlanta area.

To register, call Bruce Williams at 404-231-0042.