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Paddling Safety Tips

Never paddle alone
Always wear a "PFD" (Personal Flotation Device), properly sized and designed for use on whitewater.
Deck boaters always wear a helmet
Open boaters in Class III or higher always wear a helmet
Seek advice of local experts regarding current conditions.
Know how to self-rescue and lend aid to others, i.e., swimming rapids, Eskimo roll, throw ropes, portage, hypothermia, etc.
If you fall out of your boat: go through rapids on your back, with feet downstream to absorb shock when hitting rocks. Don't stand up, your feet may be trapped in holes or between rocks. Swim to shore when you are able.
Always take a first aid kit & throw rope
Only run rivers with someone else who can show you the way
Scout anything you are unsure of, and portage if a safe route is not apparent.
Know access privileges and permits
Respect landowners and their property
Take a kayaking course prior to running whitewater rapids
For more detailed information, go to the American Whitewater Associationís safety website: