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Print the application below

and mail it with completed information and annual dues to: 

Atlanta Whitewater Club
Post Office Box 11714
Atlanta, GA 30355.

Annual Membership Application

Please complete all categories:  

Membership Type:        __Individual ($25 annual dues)  __Family ($30 annual dues) 

                                   __New Member __Renewal

Interests:                      __Canoe __Kayak __Inflatable 

Skill Level:                    __Beginner __Intermediate __Advanced __Expert

Committee Interests:     __Conservation __Cruising __ Membership

                                   __Newsletter __Racing __Safety __Roll Practice

                                   __Other Activities (hiking, socials, etc.)

Please Print: Name(s):_________________________________________________________


City:_________________________________ State:________ Zip:__________

Home Phone:__________________________ Work Phone:________________



 The undersigned hereby acknowledges that hazards are inherent in the sport of whitewater canoeing, kayaking, or rafting and other activities participated in by the Atlanta Whitewater Club, Inc. (hereafter AWC) members, and hereby assumes all risks of injuries or damages incidental to such activities. In consideration of the mutual benefits derived from the joint participation by membership in the AWC in whitewater paddling, rafting, and all other activities, the undersigned does hereby absolve, release and waive any and all liability, claims, or demands against the AWC, and its officers, directors, and each and every member thereof which may arise out of or be related to any injury, damage or pecuniary loss by reason of such membership or activity of participation in the AWC. Included but not limited to this general release are all causes arising of nonfeasance, malfeasance, or negligence of the AWC, its officers, or its Board of Directors. Any member or guest of the AWC who uses his property for use on or in land, water, or air at any AWC event or function does so at the memberís or guestís own risk and said member or guest waives any and all claims against the AWC, regardless of who uses and/or causes any damage to said property.   (Family: the undersigned, as father, mother, and/or guardian(s) of: ;  __________________________________________________________[list all children under 18 years of age], for the consideration set forth above, do hereby further release, acquit, and covenant to hold harmless the AWC, and its officers, directors, and each and every member thereof from any liability, claims, or demands arising out of or from participation in AWC or related activities by said minor. The undersigned further promises to bind themselves, their heirs, administrators, and executors to repay to the AWC, it's officers, directors, and/or each and every member therefore any sum of money that said parties may hereunder be compelled to pay on behalf of said minor because of such claim.

 Witness my/our hand(s) and seal this ____ day of ________, 19____. I/we acknowledge that I/we have read the above Release and Hold Harmless Agreement, Policy, and Rules of Conduct, and I/we agree to abide by same, and as may be revised from time to time, upon pain of loss of membership for failure to comply, with any or all. The information on this Application is correct in its entirety.

Individual:_____________________________ Family:_________________________________


In the presence of:______________________________________________________________