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DISCLAIMERThe Atlanta Whitewater Club assumes no responsibility or liability for personal Injury or property damage caused directly or indirectly by information contained in this website. River sports can be dangerous. Injuries including death can occur. River rapids and features are subject to change at any time, and whitewater paddling is a sport with inherent risks. This website is not intended as a replacement for proper instruction or adequate skill level. Each paddler must assess his or her own abilities before attempting to run any river or rapid. You are responsible for your own safety.

Upcoming Club Trips (click here for the AWC Trip Wavier Form):




Phone # & email address

Feb 5 AWC Monthly meeting - Oyster Roast see us at the meeting
Feb 22&23 Monthly paddle on the Nantahala (dates & river subject to change) "Wild Bill" Tarleton 404.663.1459
Mar 5 AWC Monthly meeting - Environmental Awareness see us at the meeting
Mar 29&30 Monthly paddle on the Nantahala (dates & river subject to change) "Wild Bill" Tarleton 404.663.1459
Apr 2 AWC Monthly meeting - entertainment TBD see us at the meeting
Apr 26&27 Monthly paddle on the Nantahala (dates & river subject to change) "Wild Bill" Tarleton 404.663.1459
May 4 & 5 Basic Swiftwater Rescue Clinic. Signups will start at the March Atlanta Whitewater Club meeting.
May 7 AWC Monthly meeting - Rope Throw contest see us at the meeting
May 18 AWC Chattooga Section III River Cleanup (Natl River Cleanup week) Bruce Rowan 706.546.1968
April 20 AWC Plastic Spastic Event on the Cartecay River (date not yet finalized) Mike Farrell 770.522.8592
May 24&25 Monthly paddle on the Nantahala (dates & river subject to change) "Wild Bill" Tarleton 404.663.1459
TBD Chattooga w/ river levels above 2.0 John Hurst 678.488-0086 

Trip not listed? Suggest one!

Notes re: "Ocoee 1st Timer's Trip" by Mark Neisler:  The annual AWC Ocoee First Timers Trip will be held on Saturday, October 13.  The purpose of this trip is to introduce intermediate level paddlers to the Ocoee.  This is not an instructional clinic.  We run the “Lower Ocoee”.  We generally run the raft routes on these trips.  We avoid advance moves like eddy hopping “Broken Nose” and “Table Saw”.  All first timers will be expected to put in below “Grumpy”.  It is an easy paddle down to “Staging Eddy”.  When we get to “Staging Eddy” you will be expected to demonstrate the skills necessary to paddle the rest of the Ocoee.  You will be expected to have these skills when you sign up for the trip.  If the group feels that you need to takeoff, you will do so.  It is an easy walk back to the put-in from “Staging Eddy”.  Necessary skills include but are not limited to ferrying and catching eddies in Class III whitewater, and rolling your craft in choppy Class III whitewater and on “squirrelly” eddy lines.  Being comfortable on the Nantahala does NOT qualify you for this trip.  The Ocoee is a big step up.  The current is much stronger.  The rapids are more technical and more powerful.  Many people who are comfortable on the Nanty have difficulty running the Ocoee.  If you paddle the Nanty aggressively, can eddy-hop the falls, and are comfortable getting trashed in the falls, you are probably ready for the Ocoee.  If you are unsure about your abilities, the experienced boaters on the trip will evaluate them for you after we get to “Staging Eddy”.

Let me now encourage any of you who are brave enough, man or women enough, or just plain foolish enough to join us to please do so.  We have a lot of experienced boaters on these trips and the trip is always a lot of fun.  For more information on the Ocoee, go to . For more information on the Ocoee First Timers Trip or to sign up call Mark Neisler at 678-454-1028 or email me at .


** Don't forget to join the Atlanta Whitewater E-groups list to stay in touch with fellow paddlers about "non-official" paddling trips.  Go to AtlantaWhitewater@yahoogroups to learn more & subscribe today!

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Contact Steve Vitale if you need to find out more information on races (404.875.8279 or ).

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Information available on Tallulah Gorge Permits

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Roll Practice:

Joint GCA / AWC summer roll practice runs from May through September.  Volunteers Needed!  Email for more information.

Winter roll practice runs from October through April & is sponsored by the GCA.  Please contact Revel Freeman at 404-261-8572 for more information.

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Trips are classified as common adventures (this means that you are responsible for yourself and your own actions, and must exercise your own judgment). Participants are screened at coordinator discretion. Call coordinator for time and rendezvous.

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Leading Trips:

Contact the if you want to help organize a trip. Coordinators should be experienced paddlers preferably with CPR and first-aid training.  River rescue training/experience is highly recommended.  Each trip should have at least two throw ropes and a first-aid kit. Coordinators should know the location of the nearest hospital to the river, and should know a plan deal with it if an accident occurs. Also have a plan if the group should become separated. Contact the Newsletter Editor or make a submission on the Website to announce and schedule trips.

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Trip Not Listed?

If there is a particular river you would like to paddle, please let us know and we will find an experienced trip leader.  Submit a request.

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