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Atlanta Whitewater Club : News Items

  Posted By Matt - 15-Nov-2004 - 4:07pm - 33 comments - Edit

I created the AWC website with the intention of reducing our dependency on Yahoo Groups - with the ads, SPAM, and the like.  The website has been up for about a year now.  There are 279 registered users - 130 topics with 138 replies (63 of which were mine).  In the same amount of time, the Yahoo Groups website has had about 4300 posts.

Please help me decide the fate of the AWC website (maybe try posting a comment here).  If you just want a basic informational website - we could go back to that.


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Atlanta Whitewater Club : News comments

Posted By staceyj on 15-Nov-2004 at 8:25pm
The AWC site is fantastic and easy to use!  I have found, however, that if I want a response to one of my posts then I have to resort to yahoo.  It would be great if we could all agree to communicate thru the site vs. an outside source like yahoo.  That way, folks interested in the club could read exactly what was happening on a day to day basis and join us.  Good times for all, right?

Posted By Matt on 15-Nov-2004 at 9:46pm
You are right about the response.  It's unfortunate that newcomers to the club have to be re-directed immediately to the Yahoo Groups.  Depending on what is going on there at the time they first come to the list, you might think we are all pretty strange.

Posted By abbeysroadhome on 15-Nov-2004 at 11:18pm
We aren't pretty strange? Did I miss something? I check this forum frequently & reply to some of the posts. The yahoo link is here for evryone to see. Close the yahoo group & there will just be a private email group, that would promote
cliques, a large portion of the memebership would be out of the loop & the club would just become divided. Leave things alone, please. Maybe some of the rest of you should use at least check this forum for newbies. That would make it useful.


Posted By mackanthony on 16-Nov-2004 at 7:44am

Considering the choice of responses available in the poll, it could hardly be considered objective. I am not lazy, too stupid to figure out that there is a forum, so hidebound tha I resist any change and I am not fond of powerboat ads or morgage spam. I am not fond of supposed polls that are actually editorials in disguise. I am fond of the digest feature on yahoo, which allows me to catch up with what is going on with paddlers whenever I check my e-mail.

I appreciate the work that Matt does on the website. If Matt feels that he is not getting enough of aresponse to the forum to justify the effort he has to put into it, perhaps we should drop the forum from the website. I do not see the logic in dropping the yahoo site because it is popular. However, if the majority of club members would rather eliminate the yahoo site and just use the forum, I can live with that also. And I will accept that decision without insulting anyone's intelligence or work ethic.

Posted By spreadheadboate on 16-Nov-2004 at 7:45am
I pride my self on being a LITTLE STRANGE...

Posted By spreadheadboate on 16-Nov-2004 at 7:49am
Amen brother

Posted By abbeysroadhome on 16-Nov-2004 at 7:51am
Only just a little? You missed a good party with these strange people Saturday night.

Posted By Aquaholic on 16-Nov-2004 at 9:11am

As a new member it is pretty confusing to come to this site and see so few posts, then be directed to Yahoo for the active forum. There seems to be so little activity on this site that I hardly check it anymore.

There's not enough room here for why Yahoo's site bugs me, so my vote is for you to send all traffic here and just have one forum.


Posted By Matt on 16-Nov-2004 at 9:44am


I thought the sarcasm was blatantly obvious.  And since when are polls objective?  Perhaps you overlooked the intended humor.  "Fascinated with mortgage ad spam"...  I mean - come on - that's funny.


PS - The editorial is right below the poll - I fail to see the subterfuge.

Posted By abbeysroadhome on 16-Nov-2004 at 10:05am
The Yahoo group has existed for so long,the majority of the longtime (& some new members) are accustomed to using it. It has also come to represent the nature of the AWC's personality. There has always been some spam associated with it, lately it has increased. It will probably subside again & be more random for a while. Some members use this forum occasionally & some don't. There are a few new members who started here & went to the Yahoo group when they were contacted. The Yahoo group is more user friendly, for instance, it does not require signing in to read a post. The post or digest comes directly to your email. Both of these sites serve a useful purpose. Why change? Are we going to cut off our nose to spite our face? Then again, that has become a national pastime. &|

one of the strange people

Posted By Matt on 16-Nov-2004 at 11:04am

It's possible to enable guest access to this site - so you don't have to sign in to read (only to post).  You can subscribe to which posts you want to stay up-to-date with in this forum.  Yahoo Groups Posts and digests come directly to your email (so you want the SPAM there, too.)  I am not cutting off anything.  If you bothered to read the initial post, you would see that it is informational - with a plea to "help me".  So, thanks for your comments.

The Yahoo Group, to me, is more SPAM friendly.  If you think it will subside, you have lost touch with reality.

Posted By tchaffin on 16-Nov-2004 at 11:37am


It's obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into creating this website.  I would not choose to eliminate the Yahoo website, so if there was a choice between having a forum on this site, or having the Yahoo group site, I'd choose the Yahoo group site, and leave this site for informational purposes.



Posted By abbeysroadhome on 16-Nov-2004 at 12:53pm
Of course the Yahoo group is spam friendly. But Yahoo does make efforts to control it. Perhaps I am wrong, but I have noticed that it increases & subsides. Reality is that the spam comes & goes, last time i checked on reality. However, I do prefer unordinary reality, that's my choice. Help, suggestions? Ask & usually it will show up. Besides, you did say your poll questions were sarcastic. So what is it you want, help, suggestions or to delete one of these forums? The deletion option is not listed,
above, and I am completely anchored in reality at the moment. Better hurry though, sometimes it's fleeting.

just another strange thought,


Posted By spreadheadboate on 16-Nov-2004 at 3:01pm
All you have to do is keep starting sh&* and people will come....

Posted By abbeysroadhome on 16-Nov-2004 at 3:24pm
Like who, you & I? All these forums have been boring, lately! Ever since Adam Motes quit sitting on his tail, bored all day & lost the use of a free computer. What does it matter closing one of these, anyway? Just a bunch of boring paddling & informational stuff, anyhow.

an even stranger thought


(who really looks like that)

Posted By bobbym on 16-Nov-2004 at 3:35pm
I'd rather drop Yahoo and go with this site.

Posted By Matt on 16-Nov-2004 at 9:26pm

Thanks Bobby.

I would like to hear from the lurkers.  This will make a big difference in the direction of this site.


Posted By abbeysroadhome on 16-Nov-2004 at 9:43pm
6, six opinions. Since notifications go only to those who posted to THIS thread (& chose the notify option) and one notice on the Yahoo site, what will constitutes a result here? Just curious.

Posted By Matt on 17-Nov-2004 at 10:34am
I would like to gather some comments for more than a couple of days if that is OK with you.

Posted By abbeysroadhome on 17-Nov-2004 at 2:27pm
Yeah, so would I. Right now it's a flood.

Posted By Mary Beth on 17-Nov-2004 at 3:13pm
Lots of people are looking as there have been over 200 viewings of the poll, but maybe most don't have an opinion.

Posted By abbeysroadhome on 17-Nov-2004 at 3:58pm
Isn't that called apathy? Bet they would yell if either of these were closed! Or, could be this is just like an exit poll.

Posted By abbeysroadhome on 17-Nov-2004 at 4:01pm
Oh, forgot, don't you have an opinion? Presidents should.
Apathy is a fairly easy lead.

Posted By Mary Beth on 17-Nov-2004 at 5:15pm
I voted in the poll.  No apathy here.

Posted By abbeysroadhome on 17-Nov-2004 at 5:28pm
But, there is no pro or con option in the poll! All you can do is make a statement about yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By Mary Beth on 17-Nov-2004 at 6:39pm
In my opinion, having two places to access information regarding to the AWC is inconvenient.  However, most of us feel very comfortable with the Yahoo e-groups.  I certainly do.  I can't see getting rid of it.

Posted By spreadheadboate on 18-Nov-2004 at 8:30am

This seems like a good medium for or club communication.I guess if i choose to use my stirring stick here it will work just the same.  hey hows that B4H doing . we haven't beaten that horse in a long long time...

Posted By abbeysroadhome on 18-Nov-2004 at 8:57am
That's a yawner, man. Didn't you hear? Being an internet star is more exciting to some people than a boring old throw rope. We better stop this or people will think we are strange. Wouldn't want that would we?

Posted By Matt on 18-Nov-2004 at 9:15am
spreadheadboate wrote:
This seems like a good medium for or club communication.I guess if i choose to use my stirring stick here it will work just the same.

That is the kind of information I was looking for.  Thanks for the constructive comments.  I can live with this site being more "formal" and informative - with the Yahoo Group as quick informal communication.

Thanks again.

***For those of you who are accustomed to more sophomoric type humor - this "poll" was intended to promote a healthy discussion about this website.  I used humor in light of the frustration I faced on the Yahoo Group - with the increase of SPAM.***

Posted By spreadheadboate on 18-Nov-2004 at 9:30am
I know hat is old news , but I have been out of the loop for a good while with the back surgery but I hope to paddle soon maybe next week end . Sec.IV maybe.

Posted By spreadheadboate on 18-Nov-2004 at 9:32am
I guess we should be part of the status quo right George. Different is bad.

Posted By abbeysroadhome on 18-Nov-2004 at 9:35am
Got some bad news. The Tugaloo road is closed until 12/15 for repairs from the washout. Cross your fingers that it's open then, it's a HUGE washout! Is this thread hijacking?

Posted By spreadheadboate on 18-Nov-2004 at 9:51am

It could be but I am not that concerned sense it seems to be just the two of us....

Maybe sect 3 or 3.5 or maybe it will rain..

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