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Atlanta Whitewater Club : News Items

  Posted By Matt - 08-Dec-2004 - 10:47am - 4 comments - Edit

This site could be a great resource for the club.  Maybe one that isn't choked with spam or prone to spreading a virus (like Farrell's computer did).  Check out to see why I became frustrated. 

The trouble with the Yahoo Group is that anyone interested in AWC might get the wrong idea about the club (with 3-4 days of posts).  I think the Gear Swap on this site is working a little.  I would like to see trip reports go here - and I wanted to add picture galleries - so people could see and read more about the club.  The search feature on this site is a thousand times better than Yahoo Groups - and I can block spammers and the like.  If people upload their "avatars" - or pictures that accompany each post, it's possible to put a face with a name...  And there is the private messenger feature.

The Yahoo Group is great for communication for meeting other members for river trips, joking around, and less official posts.  It's sad that this site isn't used to gather more informative posts - so new members can read how safe we are paddling - and how fun off the river. 



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Atlanta Whitewater Club : News comments

Posted By bethybeth on 11-Dec-2004 at 10:22am

I think a really good example of how this site could be is the Memphis Whitewater site (  This site has basically all the same stuff, but is just not used to it's fullest. 

We boat with a lot of the guys from Memphis, and I love going to their site, and reading their reports, and seeing how well their group meshes and encourages eachother.  I think it is great that they post pictures of their trips on the site too.  This site could be just as good, but people just won't give it a try.

Posted By Matt on 08-Dec-2004 at 10:47am

Please accept this as official notice of my resignation as Webmaster for the Atlanta Whitewater Club effective immediately.  I will be happy to transition this site to the new Webmaster over the next few months.  If there is anyone who would like to be considered, you should put this up to a vote.  I know that Coby Jones has expressed interest in the position.


Posted By Mary Beth on 08-Dec-2004 at 11:01am

Thanks for all your hard work Matt!  You sucessfully created a new website for the AWC and I know it's taken alot of time and work.

Mary Beth

Posted By jbhunt on 10-Dec-2004 at 9:39pm

You never called me Mary Beth, Going to sweetwater this sunday. It should be good!

I am not a member of awc (yet) but what do i look for or put in for the awc yahoo group?

Matt, this site could be a great resource for the club, what gives? Why go to yoo-hoo.


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