Summer Roll Practice: Wednesday nights--Lake Acworth or Stone Mountain

Summer Roll Practice Begins!! Two locations to choose from: Lake Acworth or Stone Mountain Lake. Every Wednesday night from approximately 6:30 until dark. Free of charge!!

Lake Acworth Location 

Acworth Beach (Cauble Park) beginning at 6:30 PM until dark.


Stone Mountain Location

Summer Roll Practice is held at Stone Mountain Park at 6:00 p.m. (or earlier) on Wednesday from May through October. This event is done jointly with Georgia Canoe Association (GCA).

Roll Practice is free, but you have to pay to enter the park - current vehicle entry fee is $8 per session or $35 for an annual pass, which is recommended if you plan to attend multiple sessions.

DIRECTIONS: Enter the park from Stone Mountain Freeway (East Entrance); take the first left; continue about a mile until you cross the dam; take the first right into the parking lot. The boat ramp is on the right. The boat ramp has a lot of power boats putting in and taking out, so use the ramp to load and unload only and park away from the ramp. Once in the water, stay clear of the ramp for the same reason.

Please note that swimming is prohibited at this location. If you’re in the water spotting for someone, be prepared to explain to park officials that you are not “swimming.” Roll practice is an informal arrangement that requires volunteers. If you can help with kayak, canoe, or C-1 rolling, your assistance would be appreciated.